iOS – How to force an App to close

 force-close app on an iPad or iPhone


Sometimes, an App may become unresponsive, or crash. Attempting to re-open the App will probably fail, because it hasn’t really closed; just gone into the background.

In this instance, it may therefore help to force-close the App as follows:

  1. Double-tap the Home button ( or use “4-finger swipe-up” from bottom, if enabled)
  2. This will bring up the carousel of apps which are currently in the background


This image shows the result of step 2:


  1. Swipe right or left until you can see the app you wish to force-close
  2. In a single motion, swipe the app upwards and off the screen at the top


This image shows the app being forced up and off the screen:


  1. The desired app will close
  2. Now, either return to a different app in view, by tapping it, or press the Home button.







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