Copy and Paste, Cut and Paste……. and All that!


Recently, I’ve been sharing the keyboard shortcuts in Windows that I find particularly useful, are easy to remember and, most importantly, are used frequently.

So for today, I thought I’d encourage you to learn 4 essential shortcuts as mentioned above; they are particularly useful when editing documents:

Copy and Paste

CTRL + C    copies a highlighted word, phrase, paragraph etc to the clipboard, (a special temporary storage area in the computer’s memory).

CTRL + V    pastes the copied item into the location you desire.

How to remember:

C is the first letter of Copy

V for paste – see it as a downward pointing arrow

Cut and Paste

CTRL + X    cuts a highlighted item

CTRL + V    pastes (i.e. moves) that CUT item to the new location

How to remember:

X looks rather like an open pair of scissors

V looks like a downward arrow


CTRL + A selects All of the current document, item, picture.  Very handy, prior to doing one of the above operations!

How to remember:

A is the first letter of All


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Thanks for viewing

Mark Giles


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