Phone scammers getting devious!


I had a call today, from a guy who introduced himself as Alex, from Microsoft! I love these calls!  I duly listened to him telling me about a serious problem with software on my computer. I asked him where he was – he got into the swing of it then, and told me he was in Reading which is, in his words “the UK headquarters of Microsoft”. “Wow, that’s amazing”, I said – I was quite enjoying the call by now!

By the way, the code he was spoofing belongs to Stoke-on-Trent. I was hoping to share that with him, and the fact that his call had flagged up as international but, sadly, I think he knew I was on to him, and he hung up!

**** Remember, Microsoft does NOT call you directly about problems with your computer.

Check out this article from the Windows Club for in-depth info.



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