Learn to ALT + TAB

Switching between running programs – use Alt + Tab

Today’s quick tip is to get into the habit of switching between your open Windows.
When you’ve got several applications and programs running – perhaps a browser or two, a word processor document, and your Email client, it can seem laborious to move the mouse down to the taskbar or wherever, and bring-up the one you want.  Well, you don’t have to – there is a much easier way to switch between running programs:
Hold down the ALT key and, while holding it down, tap the TAB key (its usually above Caps Lock)
You will see your running apps in scaled-down form on your screen, with a highlight/border swapping between them each time you tap the TAB key.
To switch to one of the running programs, simply RELEASE the ALT key when the highlight is on the program you want to switch to. It’s really easy – try it!alt-tab

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