Airdroid – great way to manage your Android via your computer

airdroid-app-screenHere’s a great way to manage, manipulate and use your Android smartphone via your PC, simply by using your local wireless connection.

It’s called Airdroid, and consists of an App that you install on your Android device, and then a web link, which you use on your PC. (There is also a desktop App available, but I prefer the web link method.)

On the left is a screenshot of the app running on my Samsung Note 4.

Once you have set-up the app on your phone, and made the initial connection, no further installation is necessary; it all works from a link in your browser.




In the screenshot on the right, you can see how Airdroid Web appears, in your desktop browser. The icons and overlays can all be arranged according to your liking. In this view, you can see how I have opened the photos section, to view the photos on my smartphone.

There’s a whole lot more to Airdroid, which is fully explained in the online help, also accessed from the interface.

The best place to start is the online FAQ:

Airdroid – FAQ and help guide

Once you’ve got it installed, checkout the vast help resources from this link:

Airdroid: List of Help resources

Give it a go; it’s a simple way to manage your Android to your computer without a wire.


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