New version of my computer help website!

help icon - clickable link to, opens in a new tabSo that prospective clients and customers can readily spot that Hereford Computer Help is UK-based, I have designed a version of my website.

I particularly wanted the site to be easy to access from mobile devices and smartphones, so I have incorporated easy to tap buttons to reach key areas of my site.

Please take a moment to visit Hereford Computer Help – the version, and let me know what you think!



What is a webcard? Why it’s useful to have one…….

Simply put, a web card is a powerful way to present your business details, all in one place, optimized for mobile devices. As you are probably aware, internet access from mobile devices surpassed desktop access about 12 months ago, so it is more important than ever for businesses to have a mobile-friendly presence. Web cards provide a convenient way to achieve this:



Click or tap on this next image to view my web card online:


As you can see, all the key information is presently clearly, in a mobile-friendly format. It works just as well on desktops and laptops, of course!

Why not have a go at creating one yourself?

Start you creation at:

Thanks for reading another free tip from:

Mark Giles

New website for Julian Stanley – creative woodcarver, sculptor and artist

I am pleased to have developed a new website for an amazing woodcarver, sculptor, and artist named Julian Stanley. The brief was to showcase high-resolution images of his work in a gallery, with simple navigation. Please visit his site by clicking the image below:

Julian Stanley – woodcarving, furniture, sculpturing, painting




Happy 2017 -new year, new devices?

I would like to wish all my customers, old and new, my very best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2017.

Have you received a new device over Christmas, or perhaps treated yourself to a new printer or tablet, or convinced yourself that you needed to upgrade your iPhone or smartphone?  Well, if you have, don’t forget to get in touch with me at , or visit my website: if you would like some help with resolving any problems you encounter.

Thank you all for your custom over the past year.

Mark Giles: trading as Hereford Computer Help


New website for my business!

New, responsive design for

It was essential for my latest website to be fully responsive; it needed to look good on all types of mobile devices, tablets, laptops, pcs, desktop browsers etc.

After a few trial designs, I settled on a single page design, for speed of loading and practicality. I used basic HTML 5 and CSS3 for my layout and code.  I used the Brackets editor as my compiler.

Please have a look at it when you have a moment: