h.Art event in Brockhampton – examples of work from the artists

Herefordshire Art Week, or h.Art, is an annual art event in Herefordshire. This year it runs from 9th to 17th September 2017, and is a nine-day open studio event paid for by individual artists/craft makers and creative businesses, to raise their profile and sell work. Taking place at dozens of venues throughout Herefordshire, h.Art provides an ideal opportunity for art-lovers to discover both new and familiar artists.

Please visit the new photo album on the All Saints’ Brockhampton Facebook Page, depicting examples from the 17 artists who will be exhibiting at the Brockhampton event.

Link to h.Art event in Brockhampton - artists' work examples
h.Art event in Brockhampton – artists’ work examples



LinkedIn – What is it and should I use it?

Several of my customers have recently asked me about LinkedIn. What is it? Do I need it?  Why do people keep asking me to join them on LinkedIn?  

I like to think of LinkedIn as “A Facebook for businesses and professionals”. As an introduction to the many features of LinkedIn, This article at the excellent Lifewire site provides a good starting point for people who would like to know more:

Article on Lifewire…What is LinkedIn?

Tupsley gets neighbourly with Nextdoor via StreetLife!

I see that NextDoor, the local social media website, has “acquired” Streetlife, and offered all users the chance to transfer over.  It looks good, with easy to understand community guidelines about what is, and what isn’t allowed.

Here is a link to my local group but, interestingly, you’ve got to have a checkable street address in the neighbourhood to join. I shall follow developments with interest.

Tupsley Nextdoor